Paintings by Bob Price

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Bob works in water colour, water colour pencils and ink and in acrylics. His chief interests are in producing work for print/publication and he has written and illustrated a collection of hare folk stories for The Golden Hare Press (Maidens of the Moon). He also writes and illustrates articles in Waterlog magazine.

His most recent commissioned art work was for a forthcoming collection of faerie stories by the Yorkshire folk singer Anna Shannon. A selection of his work for sale as prints and more is available at Artists print on demand webpage Artists print on demand webpage.

He is currently embarked on a series of folklore and faerie images to accompany a future collection of tales.

Bob is pleased to hear from anyone interested in purchasing work and will happily alert folk to new work as it becomes available should people leave their email address at
"Hares on the Mountain", watercolour pencil and ink
"The boy and his dragon", watercolour pencil
"The lady of moth", watercolour pencil and ink
"The seafarers", watercolour pencil and ink
"The soul of woman", watercolour pencil and ink

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