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Annual Exhibitions

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2018 Exhibition
Our first exhibition was in 1962 (See the 1962 programme).

The Society now arranges an Annual Exhibition, normally in the late summer in Camberley, and occasional Mini-Exhibitions.

Preliminary details of our next one can be found here.
Members are invited to exhibit original drawings and paintings which have not appeared in the catalogue of any earlier FCSA Annual Exhibition.

Hanging fees and a sales commission are charged. With a few exceptions, for which a higher hanging fee may be charged, all these items are to be for sale.

Entry forms etc. for those wishing to show work are mailed to all members a month or two before the exhibition.
Exhibitions normally include an Evening Reception opened by a local dignitory.

Invitations to the reception are routinely sent to our exhibition mailing list which includes, inter alia, those who have bought paintings in the past.

Collectors not already on this list should, preferably, request an invitation by sending their details (name, postal address and phone number) to

Comments on the exhibition are always welcome.

Several prizes may be sponsored, generally either to encourage particular types of work or in memory of past members. Entrants are sometimes given the opportunity to compete by submitting paintings with a particular theme. Themes have included:

"A Riot of Colour", "Celebration", "Reflections", "Contrasts"
"Dreams", "Our Locality" ", "
"The End of the Day", "Cosmos" and "Pride and Prejudice".

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