Paintings by Helen Davies

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I have been painting for about 3 years. Starting out using oils I then transferred to acrylics as I like the speed with which they dry. I like painting fairly big canvases and I prefer to do semi or completely abstract type of paintings.

Although my work is mainly abstract I usually start with a 'Theme' in mind - and then see where the paint flows and helps to make decisions for me.

I had a solo 3 month exhibition last year 2005, at the Adult Education Centre, Camberley, which I really enjoyed doing. I was pleased with the sales that I got from it and for the experience I gained.

I am interested now in doing drip paintings with faces/figures incorporated into them. I recently joined the 'Life Class' at the Adult Education Centre, Camberley, taken by Cedric Day - and have found these classes inspiring, opening up even more new possibilities.

Shortly I will be adding some of this new work to the Gallery so visit again soon.

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