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For information on buying pictures make first contact by e-mail here.

We are members of (or have contacts with) various organisations, including the following:

Sam runs the web site of the Frimley and Camberley Society of Arts (FCSA). This comprehensive web site at

fcsa logo

should provide an enjoyable half-hour or more to anyone interested in amateur painting (as artist, observer or buyer)
He more recently took over the running of

the web site of:
The Wokingham Art Society (WASoc)
originally Wokingham & District Arts Group (WADAG)
Sam is a member of
and maintains its Genealogy Group's Library pages
Wellington College over-50's sports club,

Invincibles "Logo"

has a web site at

Sam on Dartmoor
He is also a member the Crowthorne Choral Society

The Society rehearses at Wellington College during term-times.
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